The fundamental purpose of The School District of Philadelphia’s Middle Grades Conference (MGC) shall be to promote interscholastic athletics for students in the Middle Grades, 6th-8th grade, in schools of The School District of Philadelphia and participating Philadelphia charter schools, so that participants will enjoy the benefits of the physical fitness, teamwork and discipline that involvement in athletics can bring.

The MGC recognizes athletics as an extra-curricular activity and asserts that participation in athletics is a privilege, and not a right, for those student-athletes who take part in the variety of sports offered by the Middle Grades Conference.

Moving forward, FJC will be offering fall Golf and Spring Track if student interest is sufficient. Unfortunately until stable facilities are acquired, other sports such as basketball or soccer are unable to be fielded. For Golf, 8 completed physicals are needed to field a team. For Spring Track, 10 completed physicals are needed to field a team. If your student wants to compete in both teams, a physical must be turned in before the fall season starts and may count during the spring season.

Mr. Klemash apologizes in advance for the 2022 season if the physical process has been a bit chaotic as this is all new to our school and certain conditions must align. Furthermore, physicals for the 2023 school year will be given out in May. Below is a copy of the PIAA physical form should you be able to print from your location, otherwise your student can be provided one at school.