Home and School Association

What is the Coppin Home and School Association (HSA)? 

We are a group for all Coppin student caregivers including parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and guardians. We work in collaboration to build a supportive and nurturing learning community by bringing students, families and our neighborhood together.

What we do:  

Build community through events like community movie and game nights, uniform exchanges, Staff breakfasts, and Kindergarten playdates.
Fundraise for school needs like student in-school activities, graduation, class supplies gift cards for teachers.
Advocate for our school (and Philly schools in general) at the district level. We spoke out about staff shortages and testified at Board of Education Meetings.
Advocate on behalf of all our fellow Coppin families!

How we can support you: 

Advocate and connect to neighborhood resources for issues that affect our kids.
Make your event ideas happen
Share your business info
Help you communicate with the school or the district.

Where we need your help:

Expanding HSA leadership to make it more reflective of the school community.
Reaching more people in our school community.
Volunteering at the school events that are already happening.
Speaking up to the district.
Feedback on how to best communicate with you.

How to get involved:

Sign up for our weekly newsletter http://eepurl.com/chqhE1
Follow us on FB @FannyJacksonCoppinHomeAndSchool (link) or IG @CoppinHSA
Join our next monthly meeting
Share your thoughts to coppinHSA@gmail.com