After-School Clubs

We are proud to offer several after-school clubs!

Clubs are subject to change on a yearly basis contingent on staff availability and funding. Some clubs, contingent on the funding agency, have grade and capping restrictions. Please view this document to learn more about after-school club eligibility.

HOME Rock Band (4th-8th grade) – We perform popular songs spanning many decades and genres. Our instrumentation includes guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, drums and vocals.

HOME Jr. (4th-8th grade) – A feeder club for HOME, our main band. Students learn to perform in an ensemble setting, on guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, drums and vocals.

Coppin Chessmates Chess Club (3rd-8th grade) – We learn how to play chess and participate in tournaments.

Robotics (5th-8th grade) – The robotics club participates in the FIRST LEGO League which is a worldwide robotics program where students engage in research, problem-solving, coding, and engineering, and building and programming a LEGO robot that navigates the missions of a robot game.

8th Grade Book Club (8th grade) – Motivated 8th grade students looking to read more challenging texts without the everyday rigors of school.

Ms. Storti’s Academic Scholars Club (3rd-4th grades) – Wednesday’s reading and Thursday’s math club is used to support students who have current gaps in the curriculum receive accommodated instruction and support.

Homework Club (4th-8th grades) – Dedicated time for students to complete work without distractions, meet with teachers who stay after school, and collaborate with peers working on the same assignments.

Soccer Club (4th-8th) – Learn soccer and leadership skills