Rooftop Garden

Update Spring 2024: 

Coppin’s Garden/Greenhouse is looking for wonderful volunteers over summer break to assist with the sustainability of the Coppin Greenhouse and Garden.  Primarily, the duties are: assisting with maintaining water levels in the Olla pots, harvesting if needed and de-weeding or pruning if needed.  You can volunteer how your schedule allows or at max you can offer your assistance up to 2x a week.  I look forward to hearing from the amazing volunteers.  If you are interested kindly fill out the Google form.

About our rooftop garden, from STEM teacher Ms. Drayton:

Through a grant and a partnership with Sprouts Farmers Market and Sprouts Healthy Communities, Coppin was awarded a garden. It would foster a variety of hands-on educational programming. School gardens can be excellent tools to help children learn about the origins of their food, play a role in growing that food, and provide opportunities for them to sample nutritious, fresh fruits and vegetables. School gardens can be used to teach children about Ecology, Agriculture, Nutrition, History, Math, Business, and Science, as well as provide opportunities for physical activity.

The vision for this garden was to develop and sustain a community-driven greening and gardening project, while providing a space for communal growing, gathering, and education that would foster deep community engagement and leadership development for students of all ages, in order to build a healthy sustainable community.  Students will have opportunities to learn through and about the garden in their STEAM/STEM/STEELS  and homeroom classes.  If you or you know someone who would like to assist with the garden please contact: Coppin School at (215) 400-7970,,, or the Home and School Association.  A huge thank you is extended to the people mentioned above and all the volunteers, parents, families and students for their efforts in the fruition of this endeavor.